What We've Accomplished

In our short time we have provided over $100,000 in much needed improvements. Some of which are listed below.

  • Reinstatement of the Silas Wood/Stimson Middle School Theater Program.
  • Funded the creation of the Recording Studio at Walt Whitman High School.
  • Smartboard provided for Art Instruction at our Intermediate School.
  • Teaching our elementary students through participation classes that involve dance and movement.
  • Complete replacement of percussion set for our Middle School music program.
  • Replacement of all needed Cello and Brass instruments for Birchwood and Maplewood.
  • Additional high end cameras needed for the expanding Digital Photography program in WWHS.
  • New sound system for Oakwood Primary School’s main performing stage.

We are not done….. help us continue our support for these important programs.

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Who Are You
Running For?

Two years ago we began a new tradition. We know that Michael was but one child in our district family affected by the sadness of cancer. Each year there continues to be many more added to this tragic list. Because this is a sad reality we thought it important to celebrate those that have been affected close to your home on race day.

All participant t-shirts will have the capability to have your loved ones name written on the back which will provide a wonderful display of love.

We hoe you embrace this idea and feel the sentiment from which it is being presented.

Volunteer For the
Miles For Michael Race

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